LED Wall Light Application Scenario – New Sunshine

LED Wall Light Application:

A wall lamp creates homely mood lighting, and wall lamps can also be used beside a bed or a sofa as reading lights. You can use a wall lamp on its own or mount several lamps into a group.

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LED Wall Light Application products

LED Wall lamp generally has extremely high energy saving requirements, so here are a few products that are more suitable for LED Wall Light lighting.



New Sunshine ACL02 SERIES led corn bulb with dust and fire-proof, IP64.Special heat dissipation systerm without fan,360-degree beam angle,High efficiency light.Widely used in underground parking, supermarkets, hang a wall lamp, lamp warehouse,Office lighting etc.


LED Garden light is suitable for different traditional light fixture and could replace CFL/MH/HID/HPS traditional lamps directly. It is AC 100-277V wide voltage input design with isolated constant current power supply. High lumen 2835SMD LEDs make light efficiency up to 140-150lm/w. No RF interference, No IR/UV radiation, No mercury pollution. Applied to the canopy lighting, garden lighting and road lighting.



New Sunshine led corn bulb save 80% energy saving over than HID/HPS lamp,130LM/W,high brightness with 50,000 life span. wide variety of mounting options,such as workshop, basement, garage, construction, factory, jobsite,industrial and emergency services,etc.

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