LED Disinfection Lamp

30W LED UV Germicidal Bulb


  • Made of high quality LED UV chips. This LED UV light bulb have up to 50000 hrs lifespan. No trouble of short life span!
  • UV light is a ideal choice for disinfecting. It can eradicate the air and help you to disinfect anything that you want to disinfec! Just like the sunshine in the summer beach!
  • Easy installation. Come with E27/E26 base. You just need to screw in and turn it on! Suitable for Home, Warehouse, Supermarket, Office..

How to use

  • Install the UV bulb into the wireless lamp base
  • Screw it into the E26 socket like a regular light bulb
  • Turn the power on
  • Leave the room

LED UV Germicidal Bulb 30W

ModelWattWave length
5W LED UVC Germicidal Bulb


  • No ozone, much safer.
  • High-intensity UVC ultraviolet bacteriostasis.
  • Eliminate peculiar smell in narrow and confined spaces.
  • 30 minutes rapid sterilization, deep efficient adsorption.
  • Small size, easy installation and transportation.
  • Intelligent remote control lamp holder, switching and timing (3 gears timing control),
  • easy to control.
  • Widely used for high-level disinfection of bedrooms, kitchens, toilets, wardrobes,
  • and other small space areas.

LED UVC Germicidal Bulb 5W

ModelWattWave length
Portable Rechargeable LED UVC Germicidal bulb


  • High-intensity UVC ultraviolet bacteriostasis
  • 5V input rechargeable, Charge 1H and last 2H
  • Eliminate peculiar smell in narrow and confined spaces
  • No ozone, much safer
  • Portable, swipe back and forth 5 times, fast disinfection
  • IR remote control, switching and timing (3 gears timing control)


  • Widely used for high-level disinfection of living room, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, clothing, toys, shoe cabinet, wardrobe, storage box, backpack, car, pet nest, and other small space areas

LED UVC Germicidal bulb Portable Rechargeable

ModelWattWave length
80W LED UV germicidal lamp


  • 360 degree uv sterilization, disinfection, mites, no pollution.
  • Adopt 2.4G remote control, 360-degree omni-directional operation,remote control distance.
  • Intelligent control with built-in radar sensor, 30 seconds delay is enabled.
  • Portable hooks are convenient, flexible and easy to operate.
  • 10000 hours service life, switching times can reach more than 50000 times,reliable quality.
  • Applicable to shopping malls, supermarkets, offices, hospitals, schools, bars,factories, hotels, homes and other public areas.


All technical parameters apply to the entire lamp/Due to the complex production processfor light-emitting diodes, the typical values shown for the technical LED parameters are purely statistical values that do not necessarily match the actual technical parameters of each individual product,which can vary from the typical value.

LED UV germicidal lamp 80W

ModelWattWave length