28000LM, 277V, Full spectrum(400-750nm), IP65

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320w Full Spectrum LED Grow Light 

Full Spectrum Spectral Diode Mix offers a perfectly balanced mix of 660nm red diodes and full spectrum 3000 + 6500K white diodes. This thoroughly tested light spectrum is designed for complete plant development (full cycle indoor light for seed germination,clones/cuttings/mothers, and for both vegetative and flowering cycles).



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Product features

  • Integrated die-casting,the surface is anodized corrosion resistance, pressure resistance and crack resistance.
  • Uses raised blades, excellent heat dissipation to enhance the overall sealing of the lamp.
  • Light Spectrum is efficiently absorbed by plants.
  • Save money on maintenance and electricity
  • Long lasting – 50,000 hour expected LED life
  • Cool running so light can be mounted close to plants
  • Use SMD3030 chip, high color rendering index to restore the
  • real color of the object,low light attenuation.


Input Voltage (V) DimmingPower Watts(W)PPFSpectrumEfficiencyLumens Delivered (lm)
100-277VACManual dimming600W1210 µmol/sFull spectrum(3000K+6500K+660nm)2.6 µmol/J78000LM±5%


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