Newsunshine Temporary work light
Newsunshine Temporary work light
Newsunshine Temporary work light
Newsunshine Temporary work light
Newsunshine Temporary work light Newsunshine Temporary work light Newsunshine Temporary work light Newsunshine Temporary work light

New sunshine 100W LED light bulb provides 18750 lumen of deluxe daylight,equivalent to 500-watt incandescent,Power saving up to 80% under the same brightness.These corn cob bulbs fit standard medium base (E26) fixtures and an extra bright atmosphere.

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Product features

  • C style: 360 degree luminescence,no fan design.adopt higt heat conduction and portable stamping aluminum to accelerate heat dissipation.
  • Provide socket connector, which can connect 6 lamps in series at the same time.
  • Suitable for outdoor wet or humid places. IP64 waterproof rating.
  • Stainless steel hooks are more convenient to use.
  • It can be used as HIGH BAY with spotlights and stainless steel protective cover.
  • Wide pressure isolating constant current power supply, anti-surge protection of 6000V. The lamp can withstand sudden high voltage.
  • The luminaire can be controlled by the remote control. One remote control can match 6 illuminators at the same time, and the remote control distance is up to 30 meters.



ModelPowerBaseLumensDim.(E26)CTN sizeCTN quantityCTN weight
NS-TWL80W-01-C80WPothook10000LM6.7x6.7x13.07in 17.02x17.02x33.2cm15.16x17.52x18.11in 38.51x44.5x46cm4pcs27.5lbs 12.47kg
NS-TWL100W-01-C100WPothook12500LM6.7x6.7x13.07in 17.02x17.02x33.2cm15.16x17.52x18.11in 38.51x44.5x46cm4pcs27.5lbs 12.47kg
NS-TWL120W-01-C120WPothook15000LM6.7x6.7x15.35in 17.02x17.02x38.99cm17.32x17.52x18.11in 43.99x44.5x46cm4pcs27.5lbs 12.47kg
NS-TWL150W-01-C150WPothook18750LM6.7x6.7x15.35in 17.02x17.02x38.99cm17.32x17.52x18.11in 43.99x44.5x46cm4pcs27.5lbs 12.47kg

Product datasheet

Technical data 
Rated wattage150-158w
Input Voltage100-277V AC
Operating frequency50/60 Hz
Rated power factor<0.90
Power Efficiency<0.87
Ambient temperature-40~45℃
Replacement conventional lamp power450 HID
Light technical data 
Light Source/Count1064pcs 2835 0.5W SMD
Luminous flux18750 Lm ±10%
Color temperatureWarm White:3000-3500K
Cool White: 5500-6500K
Color rendering index RaRa<80
Starting time0 S
LED Emitter Life50000hrs
Lifepan of LED Lamp35000hrs

Company Address

Address:13321 Garden Grove

Email: order@newsunshine.net

Phone: +1 201 969 5019 (Robert)

Phone: +1 323 616 7060 (Selia)

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