why choose UVC germicidal lamp to do disinfecting?

1.The advantages of LED UVC sterilization:

  • Miniaturized, non-toxic, easy to use.
  • Improve sterilization efficiency, improve heat dissipation and reduce costs.

2.why LED UVC sterilization lamp is better than  traditional sterilization methods ?


Ozone sterilization has a strong odor and is harmful to the respiratory tract
Mercury lamp sterilization Mercury pollution, risk of mercury poisoning
UVC-LED environmentally friendly and efficient, with no hidden dangers


  • High-intensity UVCultraviolet.
  • Large area disinfecting.
  • Remote &timer control 15/30/60mintues.
  • 360 degree No dead ends disinfection ,Sterilization.
  • More effective and saferfor home, school,resturant ,hospital.

3.UVC sterilization occasions: indoor rooms, faucets, maternity and baby products.

4.Application of deep ultraviolet germicidal lamp UVC LED in protection against the spread of new coronavirus?

UVC is the ultraviolet radiation band used for sterilization and disinfection. Generally referred to as ultraviolet sterilization lamp mainly refers to the ultraviolet lamp with a central wavelength of light radiation of 253.7nm.

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