LED corn light stadium lighting application scenarios

LED corn light stadium lighting application

Installing lighting in a football field or a stadium can provide a number of benefits to the fans, players, and administration. Some of the benefits of having football fields and stadium lights include flexibility planning of matches, security of people in the stadium, and enhancement of the fans’ experience. Based on your needs, you can decide to have temporary or permanent stadium lights.

Temporary lights are self-contained units. They are portable and mostly used for specific games or events. Permanent lights are fixed on poles for long-term solutions. Based on your budget and your needs, you can choose between the two options.

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LED LED corn light stadium lighting products

LED Stadium lighting generally has extremely high energy saving requirements, so here are a few products that are more suitable for Stadium lighting



New Sunshine ACL02 SERIES led corn bulb with dust and fire-proof, IP64.Special heat dissipation systerm without fan,360-degree beam angle,High efficiency light.Widely used in underground parking, supermarkets, hang a wall lamp, lamp warehouse,Office lighting etc.

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NS-TWL Remote Control Series-T/C

Remote control led temporary work light, could turn on/off by the remote controller. omes standard with a safety hook on the top for hanging from the ceiling, or just simply put it on the floor. A wide variety of mounting options, such as workshop, basement, garage, construction, factory,  jobsite, industrial and emergency services, etc.



WLC feature:New Sunshine High quality led corn light with superior heat dissipation. Dust and fire proof,IP64.Super high lumen 150LM/W,create a bright environment. Used as the garden lamp, parking lot,
street lamps,warehouse lamps,office lighting etc

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