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led light farm application:Led lights for farms

Whether it's animal husbandry or horticulture, the application of led light fields to farms can help provide farmers with a safer workplace. LEDs are proven to be brighter and last longer than incandescent bulbs.

As they are low maintenance and durable lighting, farmers have the opportunity to work on other tasks than changing light bulbs frequently. LEDs also have a cooler temperature than conventional bulbs, making outdoor and indoor areas more comfortable for both the farmers and their produce.

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Farm lighting products

Through multiple light and dark brightness adjustments, our product can make the light just right on the farm, and can remotely control the brightness


New Sunshine ACL02 SERIES led corn bulb with dust and fire-proof, IP64.Special heat dissipation systerm without fan,360-degree beam angle,High efficiency light.Widely used in underground parking, supermarkets, hang a wall lamp, lamp warehouse,Office lighting etc.

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New Sunshine led corn bulb save 80% energy saving over than HID/HPS lamp,130LM/W,high brightness with 50,000 life span. wide variety of mounting options,such as workshop,basement,garage,construction, factory, jobsite,industrial and emergency services,etc.

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WLC feature:New Sunshine High quality led corn light with superior heat dissipation. Dust and fire proof,IP64.Super high lumen 150LM/W,create a bright environment. Used as the garden lamp, parking lot,
street lamps,warehouse lamps,office lighting etc

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