New sunshine led street lighting application scenarios

led street lighting application:

One of the main ways how LED lights are utilized is as street and road lighting. In the past we saw our streets being illuminated by either incandescent or fluorescent lamps, but now more and more cities and countries for that matter are exchanging these bulbs for LED ones. And that is for two reasons. Firstly, LED lights simply chew up less watts, meaning that they are more economical, specially since street lighting usually is turned on as soon as the sun goes downs and are left on all through the night. And secondly, LEDs also provide brighter light, which improves the street and road conditions as well as safety on the streets, because the better the lighting on the street is, the better people can see where they are going or driving and the safer they feel while walking around during the evening and at night.

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led street lighting application products

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New Sunshine ACL02 SERIES led corn bulb with dust and fire-proof, IP64.Special heat dissipation systerm without fan,360-degree beam angle,High efficiency light.Widely used in underground parking, supermarkets, hang a wall lamp, lamp warehouse,Office lighting etc.

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180 degree Led retrofit kit is best replacement of traditional road light ,80% energy saving over HID lamps, up to 150lm/W high photosynthetic efficiency,widely used in wall pack canopy,shoes box, and cobra head fixtures.

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LED Garden light is suitable for different traditional light fixture and could replace CFL/MH/HID/HPS traditional lamps directly. It is AC 100-277V wide voltage input design with isolated constant current power supply. High lumen 2835SMD LEDs make light efficiency up to 140-150lm/w. No RF interference, No IR/UV radiation, No mercury pollution. Applied to the canopy lighting, garden lighting and road lighting.

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