LED corn lights can be used for shopping mall lighting

LED Corn lights application

With the continuous improvement of LED technology, the performance and appearance of lamps are becoming more and more innovative. In terms of practicality, safety and design, it pays more attention to the user experience. Among them, corn lamp lighting is a light source performance that can increase the sensory experience and spatial visual effects.
Corn lights are used in a wide range of scenarios, suitable for clothing stores, wine cabinets, front desks, dance studios, display cabinets, aisles, ceilings and other places.
While bringing basic lighting effects, it can also show a huge artistic appeal. The rhythm has a sense of rhythm, which can easily create an overall atmosphere, showing its unique charm and spatial feeling.

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LED Corn Light 60W

  • Popular, ballast free, easy installation.
  • Not suitable for dimmers ,electronic switches and remote controls .
  • Can be easily fitted instead of ordinary light bulbs.
  • Mainly used in work places, supermarkets and public lighting.


WLC feature:New Sunshine High quality led corn light with superior heat dissipation. Dust and fire proof,IP64.Super high lumen 150LM/W,create a bright environment. Used as the garden lamp, parking lot,
street lamps,warehouse lamps,office lighting etc

LED Corn Light 30W

New sunshine ACL01 SERIES led corn bulb, the new tiny design gets much weight ,125LM/W replace the traditional HPS/HID/MH 85W,save more energy.wide variety of mounting options,such as workshop,basement,garage,construction, factory, jobsite,industrial and emergency services,etc.

LED Corn Lighting products

Offices and factories generally have extremely high requirements for energy saving, so here are a few products that are more suitable for the above scenarios.

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