How to choose fishing lights? To choose a fishing…


How to choose fishing lights? Are high-power fishing lights easy to use?

1. What is a fishing light?
Fishing lights are one of the tools that can be used when fishing, but not in all situations. Fishing lights, also known as night fishing lights, are special tools used when fishing at night. They are actually light sources that emit bright light. In this way, when fishing at night, it is easier for fishermen to observe the state of the buoy on the water surface, and to lift the rod in time after observing the signal of the buoy. Sometimes, there are no street lights near the water, and fishing lights can be very effective. In addition, fishing lights can also attract fish, i.e. gather schools of fish, which also helps in fishing.

How to choose fishing lights? Are high-power fishing lights easy to use?

Second, how to choose fishing lights.
As mentioned above, fishing lights are very important when fishing at night and need to be prepared in advance. There are many kinds of fishing lights at night, so what kind of fishing lights are better? It is recommended to choose a new sunlight fishing light. There are many styles, different sizes, and different colors, such as blue, yellow, purple, white, etc., different colors have different effects. Among them, blue night fishing lights are relatively more suitable. This color of light is less harmful to the human eye and is best for attracting fish. This is because the blue light has a longer wavelength, which is easy to attract fish when traveling in the water, and is not easy to be scared away. In addition, the effect of yellow night fishing lights is also better.
In addition, when choosing fishing lights, you also need to pay attention to the power. Do not choose a night fishing light with too much power and too bright light. This kind of night fishing light is easy to scare the fish and is not suitable. In addition, other aspects can also be properly paid attention to, such as durability, heat dissipation of the lamp housing, waterproof and so on. It is best to use a night fishing light with a long service life, good heat dissipation and waterproof. The new sunshine fishing lights are of very good quality! Choosing the right night fishing light will naturally help the fishing effect.

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