LED grow light plantation application scenarios-Plantation

LED grow light plantation application:

Intelligent and efficient use of light is a cornerstone of modern, controlled-environment agriculture. New Sunshine LED offers a complete range of professional LED lighting fixtures and hybrid solutions for indoor and greenhouse horticultural applications, from propagation and microgreens production through to year-round, scalable lighting for large indoor farms and commercial greenhouses.

An efficient lighting system will not only lower production cost per pound, but also promote maximum quality and yield

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Plantation products

Plantation lighting is suitable for the growth of various indoor plants. Here are a few more suitable products for tunnel lighting



NEW SUNSHINE N320 led grow lights are with upgraded SMD 3030 LEDs, flexible dimming and advanced folding, ideal full spectrum and amazing heat dissipation, external power supply and dimmer, absolute value for money.

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True NS- GLA-U SERIES output, ideal for all kinds of indoor plant growing, especially medical plants, herbs, also violets, tomatoes, orchid, succulents, peppers.

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This thoroughly tested spectrum is designed for complete plant development (full cycle indoor light for seed germination, cloning / cutting / mother, nutrition and flowering cycle)

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