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LED fishing light is a light specially used for fishing, its function is to attract fish through light.

As a cold light source, LED fishing lamps have the advantages of high brightness, low heat, low power consumption, good stability and long service life.

3000W LED Fishing lights

So where can you buy LED fishing lights for $30-40?

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LED fishing lights

Precautions for using LED fishing lights:

When using fishing lights, be sure to pay attention to the following aspects: weather, environment, and light.

Just like when we were fishing in the cold winter, we would see something like this:

When the fishing light shines on the water surface, the fish will float, the small fish will jump on the water surface, and the big fish will approach the water surface without moving and not eating the bait.

This is because in the cold winter, lack of sunlight, the metabolism of fish slows down, so they are eager to raise their body temperature, and they are tempted by our fishing lights.

The blue light is soft and does not hurt the eyes, and it is the same color as the light of street lamps.

And purple light is the least favorite of fish, usually those injured fish will be lured over, and it depends on its appetite whether to eat the bait or not.


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