LED Temporary Work Lights Black Friday Sale! ! !…

LED Temporary Work Light On Big On Promotion for Black Friday !!!!(1)

360 degree luminescence,no fan design.adopt higt heat conduction and portable stamping aluminum to accelerate heat dissipation.

Provide socket connector, which can connect 6 lamps in series at the same time.

Suitable for outdoor wet or humid places. IP64 waterproof rating.

Stainless steel hooks are more convenient to use.

It can be used as HIGH BAY with spotlights and stainless steel protective cover.

Wide pressure isolating constant current power supply, anti-surge protection of 6000V. The lamp can withstand sudden high voltage.

The price of NS-TWL80W-01-T

series LED Temporary Work  is reduced by up to 5%!!!

The price of NS-TWL100W-01-T

series LED Temporary Work  is reduced by up to 9%!!!

The price of NS-TWL120W-01-T

series LED Temporary Work  is reduced by up to 10%!!!

The price of NS-TWL150W-01-T

series LED Temporary Work  is reduced by up to 15%!!!

The price of NS-TWL150W-02-T


series LED Temporary Work  is reduced by up to 17%!!!


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