What are the characteristics of high quality led work…

  1. Energy saving: 1/10 of incandescent lamps and 1/4 of energy-saving lamps.
  2. Longevity: The lifespan can reach more than 100,000 hours, which can be described as “once and for all” for ordinary household lighting.
  3. Can work at high speed: If the energy-saving lamps are frequently turned on or off, the filament will turn black and break quickly, which is safer.
  4. The solid packaging belongs to the type of cold light source. Therefore, it is easy to transport and install, and can be installed in any miniature and enclosed equipment that is not afraid of vibration.


LED Work Light

Quality of led work lights:

  1. Environmental protection, no mercury harmful substances. The assembled parts of LED bulbs can be easily disassembled and assembled and can be recycled by others without the need for manufacturers to recycle.
  2. The light distribution technology extends the LED point light source to the surface light source, increases the luminous surface, eliminates glare, sublimates the visual effect, and eliminates visual fatigue.
  3. High-power LED flat cluster packaging, integrated design of radiator and lamp holder.
LED Work Light

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