Led Garden Light On Big Promotion for Black Friday !!!!

Big Promotion for Black Friday !!!!

LED Garden light is suitable for different traditional light fixture and could replace CFL/MH/HID/HPS traditional lamps directly. It is AC 100-277V wide voltage input design with isolated constant current power supply. High lumen 2835SMD LEDs make light efficiency up to 140-150lm/w. No RF interference, No IR/UV radiation, No mercury pollution. Applied to the canopy lighting, garden lighting and road lighting.


The price of NS-GLA20W-01 series garden light  is reduced by up to41%!!!

The price of NS-GLA30W-01 series garden light  is reduced by up to 38%!!!

The price of NS-GLA40W-01 series garden light  is reduced by up to 34%!!!

The price of NS-GLA50W-01 series garden light  is reduced by up to 50%!!!

The price of NS-GLA60W-01 series garden light  is reduced by up to 35%!!!