How to solve if the light socket get damaged?

LED street lamp manufacturer: how to deal with LED lamp cap failure?

LED lamp energy-saving, high brightness, long life, low failure rate, has become a common household users like a luminous body. But low failure rate does not mean no fault, when LED street lamp hair failure, what should we do - change the light? What a luxury! In fact, the maintenance cost of LED light is very low, and the technical difficulty is not high. Ordinary people can operate it.

Lamp bead damage: after the LED lamp is turned on, a part of the lamp bead does not light up, basically it can be judged that the lamp bead is damaged. The damaged bulb can be seen with the naked eye - there is a black spot on the surface of the lamp bead, which proves that it has been burned. Sometimes the beads are connected in series and then in parallel, so the loss of a certain lamp bead will cause a lamp bead not to light. According to the number of damaged lamp beads, we provide two maintenance programs.

Starter damage: most LED lamp failures are caused by the starter. If the lamp is not on at all, or the lamp flickers after it is turned on, the starter is out of order.

 Minor damage

If only one or two lamp beads are broken, we can repair them in two ways

1. Find the broken lamp bead, connect the metal at both ends with a wire and short circuit it. The effect of this is that most of the lamp beads can be normally on, only the broken individual lamp beads are not bright, which has little impact on the overall brightness.

2. If you have strong hands-on skills, you can go online to buy the same type of lamp beads (10 yuan a big bag) and replace them by yourself. Heat the old lamp beads with an electric iron (blow the hair dryer for a little longer) until the glue on the back of the old lamp beads melts, and remove the old lamp beads with tweezers (don't use your hands, too hot). At the same time, install the new lamp beads while it is hot (pay attention to the positive and negative poles), and it is finished!

A lot of damage

If the lamp bead is damaged in large quantity, it is recommended to replace the whole lamp bead plate. The lamp bead board is also available on the Internet:

1. Measure the size of your lamp;

2. Take good care of the appearance of the lamp bead plate and starter joint;

3. Remember the output power range of the starter.

These three points of the new lamp bead board must be the same as the old one. It is very simple to replace the lamp bead board. The old one is fixed on the lamp holder with screws and can be removed directly. When the lamp bead and the light plate are connected with new ones, replace them with new ones.


The starter can't be repaired. It can only be replaced with a new one. Fortunately, the new starter is not expensive. Pay attention to three points when purchasing a new starter:

1. Pay attention to the appearance of the connector - the appearance of the starter connector is as follows (if the starter is male, the ball plate is the female head; vice versa)

2. Remember whether your lamp can change color and several colors. The new starter must have the same amount of discoloration as the old one.

3. Remember the output power range of the starter - a range will be marked on the starter as long as the power of the lamp bead plate is within this range

The replacement is still very simple. First, separate the starter from the lamp bead plate. The starter is also fixed on the base with screws. Take it off. The new starter is also a magnet, which can be absorbed and connected with the lamp bead plate.