led energy saving corn lamp wholesale factory direct sales

led energy saving corn lamp is a kind of led lamps, because the maximum light-emitting angle of led is 120 degrees, considering the uniform light emission, it is specially designed to emit light in 360 degrees, its shape is like a corn cobs, it is specially called led energy-saving corn light.

LED Corn Light

So where are the direct sales channels of led energy-saving corn lamp wholesale manufacturers?

If you want to find LED energy-saving corn lamp wholesale factory direct sales, you can contact us New Sunshine, New Sunshine has been focusing on the production of lamps for more than 20 years.

energy saving corn lamp

Application of new sunshine led  corn lamp

  1. Using LED solid light source, no glass shell, tungsten wire and other vulnerable parts, can withstand vibration and shock.

The common E27 common interface can be directly installed on the common AC 86V to 265V interface, which is convenient and safe to use.

  1. The energy-saving corn lamp has obvious energy-saving effect, the power is 2.5W, the brightness is equivalent to 40W incandescent bulb, and it can save 80% of energy.
  2. The unique heat dissipation design process makes the service life of the LED light source exceed 50,000 hours. The whole lamp does not need to replace the light source for life, and the maintenance cost is extremely low.
  3. No bad glare. No flicker. The glare caused by the bad glare of traditional lamps is eliminated. Visual fatigue and visual disturbances.
  4. No delay to start, power on to reach normal brightness, no need to wait, and the number of switches can reach more than millions of times.

LED energy-saving light bulbs are suitable for lighting places such as homes, offices, schools, hospitals, shopping malls, corridors, halls, stations, industrial factories, residences, hotels, restaurants, etc. that need to create a warm environment.


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