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The led pyramid corn light is a kind of led light, because the maximum light-emitting angle of led is 120 degrees. Considering the uniformity of light emission, it is specially designed to emit light in 360 degrees, shaped like a corn cob, specially called led corn light.

LED Corn Light

Appearance features of led pyramid corn light:


  1. The LED corn light can see the lamp beads, and its light-emitting angle is large, reaching 360 degrees.
  2. The led corn light is a point-like lighting, which is most suitable for lighting with a suitable appearance according to different use environments.
  3. Shell material of led pyramid corn light:

Aluminum lamp bodies and plastic lamp sockets are generally used for corn lamps. Aluminum not only has a beautiful and smooth appearance, no roughness, but also has good heat dissipation performance.

  1. The prices of LED lights with different brightness are different, and there is a certain gap between the prices of ordinary brightness and high brightness LED lights.

Therefore, customers must clearly know what brightness they need when they understand, in order to accurately position their products, so that manufacturers can give you an accurate price.

When customers choose LED lights, they should not blindly pursue low-cost and low-quality LED lights, which are sometimes not as long as traditional lights and have high brightness, and also lose the meaning of high brightness and long life of LED lights.

LED Corn Light

So where can high-quality led pyramid corn lights be bought?

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