LED corn light:Why is it said that LED corn…

LED corn light has the characteristics of environmental protection, energy saving, environmental protection, long life, light weight, etc. Compared with the appearance of other ordinary light bulbs, LED corn light is compact and a high-value light bulb. It can be used in various signs, interior decoration, backlight, general lighting and night scenes.
The built-in power of corn lamp lighting is very critical. The light output power of the LED decreases as the temperature of the LED rises. The output power of the switching power supply is high, and the heat value of the LED is small, which is beneficial to delay the light loss of the LED.
The impact resistance of LEDs is relatively poor, so the safety protection of this industry must be improved. Especially for some products that are installed outdoors, the start and stop of the load on the power grid and lightning strikes have an impact on the switching power supply. Therefore, the input terminal of the LED drive power supply must have a maintenance power supply circuit to avoid surges to prevent the power switch from damaging the LED in a moment and causing disaster.
Resources and air are the major challenges faced by ordinary people in the 21st century. Therefore, natural energy conservation has become the key to the world's concern. As far as lighting is concerned, its power engineering consumption accounts for about 20% of the total sales volume, and greatly reducing the power consumption of lighting is an important way to save energy. Because of its efficient, fast, cost-saving and energy-saving features, led has an unprecedented optimal time for the lighting position.
The lamp arm of the corn lamp is small, which is in line with the lamp sockets often used in the country, and the layout is simple; the file format is new, the technology is exquisite, and the goods are universal, which thoroughly promotes the energy saving and low energy consumption of the LED corn lamp, and does not cause all harmful substances. High energy saving: saving energy resources physical and mental health means low energy consumption.
Very low power consumption electric power transfer is close to 100%, and the actual effect of the same lamp is 80% of the energy saving than the conventional optical power energy. Long term: led corn lamp many people call it a long-lived lamp, which means a lamp that never blows out. Solid cold optical power source, epoxy resin encapsulation, the lamp body does not fall off the components, it is unlikely that the filament will be shiny, easy to burn, heat accumulation, light loss and other shortcomings. The use period is over 60,000 to 100,000 quarters. It is 10 times longer than the conventional optical power energy.


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