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The emergence of LED corn lights has supported the small LED bulbs and small lighting effects to the extreme, allowing these to be displayed in a more extreme state. Different types of LED corn lights also have various types of designs. The LED corn lights are designed with What are the characteristics? Usually when using LED corn lights, it is not blindly used. What are the precautions for using LED corn lights?

What are the characteristics of LED corn light design

1, various types

There are many types and types of LED corn lights, which are divided into three-color flicker, seven-color, three-color gradient and so on. From the total number, it is generally divided into 6, 9, 12, 38 and so on.

2, longer service life

The long service life is the biggest feature of the led corn lamp. After testing, the service life is usually more than 100,000 hours, which is higher than similar lamps.

3, low power consumption

Led corn lamp power consumption is very low, the general output power is around 0.05W, far lower than the power consumption of other lamps. The use of LED corn lights is more low-carbon and environmentally friendly, which can effectively reduce electricity consumption.

4, strong controllability

Led corn lamp design can be controlled by an external controller, which is more intelligent. Even outdoors, people can control it through dynamic programs, which is very convenient.

 Precautions for using led corn light

(1) Keep away from water and fire

In the whole process of applying the lamp cup, it is necessary to eliminate risks to the natural environment, such as being close to combustibles and water resources. If it is installed around water resources, because the surrounding gas is relatively humid, it is very likely to cause safety accidents in power failure. If the surrounding flammable materials flash for a long period of time, the surrounding flammable chemical substances must be eliminated, causing the flammable materials to catch fire.

(2) Good contact

When installing led corn lights, it is best to fix the wires, wires and connectors, etc., and the contact must be maintained well, and it is easy to cause accidents due to poor contact.

What are the characteristics of the lamp cup design plan? The characteristics of the lamp cup design plan are very significant. At the time of purchase, you can look at your own needs and ensure that you can purchase a lamp cup suitable for the design plan. Application of lamp cup common problems above, must ensure the safety of the use of lamp cup, if it is not safe to use, it is better not to use it.


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