Why is the led corn light brand pure natural…

Environmentally friendly led corn light features:

There is no doubt that the LED corn lamp will use aluminum raw material lamp arm and plastic light tower. Aluminum is not only extremely moisturizing to the outside world, but also has no roughness, and it is easy to use to dissipate heat. The price of corn lamps with different sunlight is different, and the price of ordinary corn lamps with sunlight and bright corn lamps are different. Therefore, when customers are figuring out, they must have a clear understanding of which sunlight should be exposed, so that they can accurately determine your products and make you accurate prices with convenient processing plants.
Long term: Corn lamps are called longevity lamps by others, which means lamps that are not easy to extinguish. The solid cold optical power source, epoxy resin encapsulation, and the lamp body have no shaking coefficients. There are no defects such as flashing, burning, heat sinking, light loss, etc. of the light bulb. The service life reaches 60,000 to 100,000 quarters. The period of the conventional optical power energy is about 10 times longer.
The lamp arm of the led corn lamp is exquisite, integrated into the commonly used lighting fixtures in our country, and is convenient to set; the new fancy style, excellent professional skills, and the generalization of the goods, fully promote the corn lamp to save energy and protect the environment, and do not cause any waste. Environmentally friendly led corn light High energy saving: saving energy, electric energy without irritation is environmental protection.
Electric energy and the natural environment are the major challenges that everyone has to deal with in the 21st century. Therefore, pure natural energy saving has become the focus of the world's concern. Take lamp lighting as an example, the loss of rechargeable batteries accounts for about 20% of the quantity. It is a fundamental way to save resources to reduce the application of switching power supply for lighting.

As far as today is concerned, many small-scale packaging manufacturers in my country do not have color discriminators. It will cause the lighting fixtures to shine with excellent colors, so the contrast quality is not easy to maintain. Generally speaking, it is to listen to opinions about the production and manufacture of independent equipment. The style is exquisite and the outside world is beautiful. If the style is poor, confirm that you made it. Therefore, it is confirmed that the level of the enterprise is weak.


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