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Led courtyard lights are mainly used for outdoor lighting in urban slow lanes, narrow lanes, residential areas, tourist attractions, parks, squares and other public places. Because LED  lights are versatile and beautiful, they can beautify and decorate the environment, so they can be seen everywhere in landscape lighting projects. The more led garden lights are used, the more problems will appear, and the reasons for their failures are diverse, and the editor will explain them one by one now.

The main reason for the failure of led courtyard lights is poor construction quality, which is mainly reflected in five aspects:

  • The depth of the cable trench is not enough, and the sand-covering bricks are not constructed according to the standards;
  • The production and installation of the aisle pipe did not meet the requirements, and the two ends were not made into horns according to the standard; third, the cable was dragged on the ground when laying the cable; fourth, the foundation embedded pipe was not constructed according to the standard; Because the thickness of the wire nose crimping and insulation wrapping is not enough, it will short-circuit between phases after a long time of operation.
  • The material is not off. From the perspective of the failures handled in recent years, the low quality of the courtyard lamp material is also very relevant. The main manifestation is that the wire contains less aluminum, the wire is relatively hard, and the insulation layer is thin. These three situations have occurred more frequently in recent years. To
  • The quality of supporting projects is not good for hard garden lights and cables are generally laid on the sidewalk. The construction quality of sidewalks is now getting worse and worse, leading to ground subsidence and deformation of cables, especially in the northeast area in the high-cold zone. The advent of winter makes the cables and soil form a whole. Once the ground subsides, the courtyard The bottom of the lamp foundation will be strained, and when there is a lot of rain in summer, the foundation root will be burnt.
  • The unreasonable design is one aspect of overload operation. With the continuous development of urban construction, courtyard lights continue to extend to various places. When new courtyard lights are built, which courtyard lights are close to, which loop is connected. In addition, the advertising industry has developed rapidly in recent years, and the advertising load is also connected accordingly. In the courtyard lamp, the load of the courtyard lamp is too large, the cable is overheated, the wire nose is overheated, the insulation is reduced, and the grounding short circuit occurs; on the other hand, the pole design only considers the situation of the pole itself, ignoring the space of the cable head After the cable heads are wrapped, most of them cannot even close the door. Sometimes the cable length is not enough and the joints do not meet the requirements. This is also a factor causing the failure. _

The solution:

  1. Be careful of silicone grease polluting the surface of the lamp body, surrounding objects and human body. Fixing the lamp board Place the lamp boards coated with silicone grease on the bottom of the lamp housing one by one, so that the two screw holes of each lamp board are aligned with the corresponding fixing holes of the lamp housing. Fix it with M3X5 round head Phillips stainless steel screws. To
  2. The installation direction of the lamp board is required to be consistent, and the arrangement is neat, avoiding uneven or gaps in the reflector. To
  3. The screws should be tightened. Welding the wires: Take the finished wires, the red wire to the positive pole and the black wire to the negative pole. Use a soldering iron to weld all the light boards in parallel. To
  4. Power-on trial operation After the lamps have been installed and passed the insulation test, the power-on trial operation is allowed. After power on, check and patrol carefully to check whether the control of the lamp is flexible and accurate; whether the switch corresponds to the control sequence of the lamp, if any problem is found, the power should be turned off immediately to find the cause and repair it.

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