Is there any difference between led street lights and…

What is the difference between street lights and landscape lights?

As a great invention, the lamp has been transformed into the 21st century. The types of lamps have already shown various types. There are many lamps with different heights and thermal efficiency. As led street lights and LED landscape lamps, which are both lighting lamps, they are in the city. It is also very common, but there are many differences between the two. As for the differences between the two, the editor lists 4 levels. Let's discuss it for a while.
They are all lights, but there are also differences between led street lights and LED landscape lights?
1. The aspect ratio is different.
The basic aspect ratio of road lighting is 6-12 meters, and some road lighting has a basic aspect ratio of 6-20 meters. However, the usual aspect ratio of landscape lights is 3-6 meters. This is because the landscape lights are for viewing purposes, so you don’t need to make them too high. The higher you make, the larger the material and the more expensive the project budget.

2. The thermal efficiency of lamps is different.
The thermal efficiency of road lighting lamps is usually relatively large, which will be in the range of 250-400W, and it should be considered based on the total width of the road surface, surrounding plants, the aspect ratio of the light poles, and whether it harms nearby residents.
The thermal efficiency of landscape light fixtures is relatively small, usually 80-150W, but it will also be smaller. This is because the landscape lamp has the basic lamp function, and its greater function is to have a stronger viewing value. Its lamp source thermal efficiency can reflect the overall appearance of the lamp, and it does not need to be too bright.
3. Different venues are used.
Road lighting is usually used in areas such as main roads, secondary roads, commercial squares, residential areas, etc., in cities or rural areas, and the requirements for lamps are usually relatively large.

Landscape lights are usually installed in separate areas, such as public circles, landscapes, high-end apartments, commercial streets, and entertainment business centers. In many tourist areas, landscape lights will also appear in the back.
4. The effect is different.
The most critical function of road lights is also lamps, which must be able to show better chromaticity of lamps for non-motor vehicles and cars. However, the landscape lamp only needs basic lamps and lanterns. The most important thing is the ornamental value, which is used to decorate the surrounding environment and build the atmosphere.
The shape of road lighting is not so diverse, usually just a few types. However, there are many shapes of landscape lights, they are very casual, and they are not restricted. It can be customized according to the surrounding environment and unique reasons.

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