Features of LED tunnel light source

The energy conversion efficiency of the LED tunnel light source is very high. Compared with incandescent lamps, the energy consumption is reduced by 80%, and the energy saving effect of fluorescent lamps can reach 50%. Compared with the 75lm/W brightness of incandescent lamps, the consumption of LED lamps is reduced by 80%. The effect is significant. LED and solar cells can be used in combination, eliminating pollutants such as mercury, and avoiding secondary pollution caused by lamp rupture. LED tunnel light source is environmentally friendly and energy-saving, wide color gamut, high color saturation, and use Long life, solve the problem of short life of traditional bulb light source.

1 .light color adjustable
Because the spectral range of LEDs is generally narrow, unlike the full spectrum of incandescent lamps, the characteristics of LED tunnel lights can be combined and matched at will. No filter is required, and various colors are derived from the three-color elements of red, green and blue. , To achieve the effects of changeable, gradually changing, mixed light and so on.
2.Smart lamps
Compared with the monotonous problem of traditional light sources, LED light sources are low-voltage microelectronics products. They combine modern technologies such as computers, network communications, image processing, and embedded control, and have the characteristics of programmable, arbitrary upgrades, and random changes.
3.Environmental protection
Because it does not add metal mercury, compared with other traditional light sources, LED light sources are well-known as "green light sources".

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