What is the price of low voltage 30 watt…

New sunshine 30 watt led corn lamp price:

Low-voltage 30-watt LED corn lights are generally not too expensive. Now the price of 30-watt LED corn lights on the market is basically around $40, and the quality is uneven.

If you need low voltage 30 watt led corn light, you can contact us to buy it from New Sunshine.

New Sunshine low-voltage 30-watt led corn lights are cheaper than those on the market. Now, click on the lower right corner to contact to buy and it can be about 20% cheaper.

LED Corn Light

New sunshine 30 watt led corn light features:

  1. Unique structural design, detachable power supply and light source aluminum fin heat dissipation and active air exchange cooling system to accelerate heat dissipation.
  2. LED corn lamps can directly replace incandescent lamps, energy-saving lamps, electrodeless lamps, mercury lamps, sodium lamps and other lamps.
  3. New Sunshine LED corn bulbs are 80% more energy efficient than HID/HPS lamps, 130LM/W, high brightness, and have a lifespan of 50,000+ hours.
  4. Applicable scenarios such as workshops, basements, garages, buildings, factories, construction sites, industrial and emergency services.
  5. Pure aluminum through holes and air convection design to accelerate heat dissipation. There is no UV and NIR radiation in the beam.
LED Corn Light

The above is the introduction of the price of low-voltage 30-watt led corn lights. If you have a demand for corn lights, remember to contact us~


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