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LED work lights have become daily lighting such as construction sites and warehouses, so what are the characteristics of LED work lights? Or which  work light is better?

If you want to choose LED work lamps, we recommend the LED work lamps of New Sunshine. The technology is professional and independent. The important thing is that the product features are much better than others.

LED Work Light

New Sunshine’s led work lights have the following features:


  1. High purity, bright and rich colors. Currently, LED products cover almost the entire visible spectral range with high color purity.

The traditional method of obtaining colored light is incandescent lamps and filters, which greatly reduces the light efficiency.

  1. Super long life. The actual life of LED is more than 50,000 hours, which is several times or even dozens of times that of ordinary light sources.
  2. There is no mercury in the light source and no UV light in the beam. LED is a solid light source, green and environmentally friendly.

It is especially suitable for professional places such as perfume stores, jewelry stores, museums, art galleries, etc., and can meet the special requirements of display commodity lighting.

  1. Solid light, good shock resistance, firm and reliable.
  2. Energy saving, economical and maintenance-free.
  3. Dynamic color control, adjustable light and shade, PWM can be used for three primary color LED combination.
  4. The LED has a strong light-emitting direction, high luminous flux utilization rate, small size, and the appearance design and light intensity distribution control of the LED lamp are convenient.
  5. LED can be powered by DC low voltage, which is safe and reliable.
  6. The LED can be started transiently, not limited by the starting temperature, generally a few ms, and the full luminous flux output can be achieved transiently.
led work lights

If you have a need for led work lights, you can contact us. New Sunshine led work lights are not only of high quality, but also lower in price than similar products on the market. Now click on the lower right corner to contact us to buy and enjoy a 20% discount!

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