What is the price of the 12 watt LED…

At present, with the recovery and development of the economy, LED corn lights have entered thousands of households, and many families need LED corn lights for lighting.

What is the price of the 12 watt LED corn light wholesale manufacturer? Let’s take a look

​LED Corn Light Product Case

What is the price of the 12 watt LED corn light wholesale manufacturer?

Generally speaking, a 12-watt corn lamp is not too big, and the price is usually around $12. If it is wholesale, the price will be less.

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​LED Corn Light Product Case

New Sunshine LED Corn Light Features:

The design of LED corn light lamps should consider many aspects such as beautiful appearance, convenient installation, light distribution, heat dissipation, etc.
and a balance point should be sought among many factors, so that the overall lamps and lanterns are the best.
The power supply used by some LED lighting manufacturers is outsourced, and the lighting designer does not know much about the power supply.
Generally, after the lamps are designed, a suitable power supply is found to be matched, which brings certain difficulties to the matching of the power supply.
Therefore, it is often encountered that due to the small internal space of the lamp or the high internal temperature, and the low cost control, it is impossible to allocate a suitable power supply.
The New Sunshine LED Lighting Factory has the ability to research and develop power supply, and it can solve the above problems by evaluating at the initial stage of designing the lighting and designing the power supply at the same time.


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