What should I do if the Led corn light…

There are indeed many types of Led corn lights, and it is relatively easy to suddenly fail to light up during use, but most of my friends have not solved these problems, so there are more and more problems.

So let everyone know how to repair the Led corn light suddenly not on, choose some suitable maintenance methods, so that the repair will be easier.

In addition, it is recommended to learn how to replace it by yourself. When it is necessary to replace it, it can be solved by a professional.

LED Corn Light

What should I do if the Led corn light suddenly does not light up?

The corn light suddenly does not light up, it may be that the zero line is broken. Focus on checking the zero line in the switch box, it may not be connected properly. Maybe the lamp is broken, replace the lamp.

The first step is to turn off the light and air switch. It is important that we all need to turn off the power before repairing electrical appliances.

  1. Turn off the switch, remove the shell of the Led corn lamp, and check whether the lamp tube is dark and dark. If so, it is very likely that the lamp tube has been damaged. It has to be replaced, this LED tube is available in hardware stores.
  2. If the lamp tube is still in good condition, you should try to tighten the joint of the lamp tube to see if there is poor contact. This situation is also relatively simple and easy to operate.
  3. If none of the above problems occur, you can check whether the ballast is in good condition, whether there is a burning smell, and whether the appearance of the ballast has a black burning phenomenon.

If there is, then there is a high probability that it is a problem with the ballast. Just replace one, the ballast is more expensive than the lamp.

  1. It is to check whether the contact head of the led light has electricity. If not, it should be a switch or line problem.

The above is the problem of how to fix the Led corn light suddenly does not light up, if you have a problem with the Led corn light, you can contact us New Sunshine to help you solve the problem!


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